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Increase exposure of your brand and bring more quantity and quality traffic to your website. Optimize your website from the keyword and on-page perspective in order to rank better for search engines. Use Technical optimization to keep the page healthy. Promote your website outside of search engines with off-page optimization.

Outrun your competition with well developed SEO strategy

In order for visitors to find you via (Google) search, you need to modify your page with multiple search engine optimization techniques. SEO keywords will improve your google search ranking. Technical SEO will help with indexing and Off-Page takes care of the website/business promotion. More and more, SEO really means writing for humans. Titles, tags, schema-markup, structured data, hierarchy and various analytical and testing tools are only a snippet of what your web site should be set up with.

  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
SEO techniques
Best practice is to look for high volume, low competition and long tail keywords.High volume will ensure that your keywords are being searched for by users on the internet. Low competition means that your keywords are not used by the majority of similar websites in your business area. Long tail keywords are longer phrases than head keywords. They usually have lower search volume but you can still compete for them with other websites. That cannot be said for head or main keywords that are used but strong, high authority, long established websites.
On-page SEO turns your keywords into content, titles, header tags, alt text and much more. Create brief, informative and unique titles and snippets for each and every page of your website. Optimize content with H1,2,3 header tags. Brand your images with titles and alt-text. Use anchor links to other relevant and high authority pages. And most importantly, create content that is new, informative and highly relevant for your target keywords.
Google and other search engines need to be able to find, crawl and index your website. Your pages need to be secure, optimized for mobile devices, fast and unique. Sitemaps, google search console, site hierarchy and structured data are among the most important factors for good technical SEO. Webxone will get your page to the latest standards of search engine optimization for the year 2020.
Off-page SEO covers everything that is taking place outside of your website. Webxone covers the consultation on off-page SEO tactics and Google My Business set up.

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