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I’m a Brand Specialist from Vancouver

I will help you develop an impactful brand messaging that will grab the attention of your audience and raise awareness of your business

I will help you bring your clients closer and encourage them to engage with your business by developing a unique identity

Branding encapsulates everything you do that contributes to your client’s opinions and feelings about your company. A brand is a feature or set of features that distinguish one organization from another.

The brand also refers to the overall experience a customer undergoes when interacting with a business. Branding requires getting in touch with the heart of your customers. Branding is the process of researching, developing, and applying a set of features to your organization.

How will I help you with Branding?

Vision Statement
Clear Offer
Brand Authenticity

I will help you define your business’s motivation and goals to excite and inspire clients, partners and employees. Inspire your audience with a great mission that goes beyond your service or product. Why is your business existing? What is your bigger contribution?

Your business needs to have a clear value proposition showcasing the benefits of your services or products. Show your clients how you’ll help them to get from point A (the problem) to point B (the solution).

I will help you make your business look and feel genuine, trustworthy and unique. I will help you tell more vivid stories and help build customer loyalty.

Important Brand Features




How will I help you with branding?

I will help you define your clear messaging to communicate it to your target audience and rally them to your side

Let’s talk about values, vision, what makes you different and unique. I will help you develop a positive experience when people interact with your brand and business

Service and Pricing

Branding Consultation


I will have you develop effective brand communication to rally your audience to your side and make them your loyal fans

  • Target audience research

  • Clear positioning statement

  • Brand identity development

  • Value proposition development

  • Vision statement development

  • Mission development

  • Understanding brand authenticity

  • Brand personality development

  • Mood board creation

  • Brand identity visualization

  • Brand character development

  • Brand messaging


  • S.M.A.R.T. goals

  • SWOT analysis

What my great clients said about my service

Lenka Mišíková

Roots 2 Routines

Thank you very much for your consultation on digital marketing strategy. Filip was very helpful in explaining how I should establish my brand to attract the attention of my potential clients.

Dominik Piwko

Fitness coach

Hi Filip, Thank you very much for your consultation on how to attract and convert clients using digital media. It gave me clarity on who my ideal audience is and how to attract them with clear and impactful messaging.

Ondrej Vacek

Pacific Packers Coffee

Thanks for your valuable insights on Instagram’s marketing strategy. Our discussion gave us clarity on how to grow our brand using social media and content creation. Looking forward to our future cooperation.

Happy Customers

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