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Webxone | Digital Marketing

New cat on the block

Webxone is a digital marketing consultant from Vancouver, BC, led by Filip Blaho. We provide complete digital marketing service that is necessary for any small business to succeed in today’s competition.

Webxone originally started as a website development company but soon realized that website is just a medium to get the message out. Is that enough though?

Definitely not. We asked ourselves. “What is the actual goal when a company wants to have a website?” The simple answer is “to sell product or service”. And for that, you need more than just a website. You need a complex digital marketing strategy. To collect as many “puzzle pieces” as possible. Webxone will guide you through the whole process from the beggining of brand building to a modern SEO webpage.

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Understand your market and your clients and know what they want



Communicate effectively based on your research


Brand Building

Build your brand using mission and vision statement, brand identity, brand character and logo


Social Media

Expand your follower base using as many social media as possible


Client Attention

Use awesome graphics and copywriting techniques to get clients attention



New norm in digital marketing. Use it as much as possible to communicate any message


Email Marketing

Develop Email marketing strategy and include copywriting techniques and market research data



Have a great website to catch all visitors from all your channels and turn them to customers

Why clients choose us?

We help them to promote and sell!

Throughout extensive education and research, We at Webxone, have been able to develop a simple, yet effective marketing strategy for small business. From branding, through Instagram to amazing SEO webpage. We are helping all along the way!

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Securing better promotion and more sales. Proven knowledge, modern tools and high quality craftsmanship. Webxone digital marketing strategy for 2020!

Webxone | Digital Marketing