We increase the revenue and growth of service based businesses

We’ll create and optimize your digital media channels: website, Instagram, Pinterest, other social media and business profiles & SEO.

We’ll produce high-quality, original and valuable content that will attract, connect and nurture your target audience.

Content, that will show your expertise, build your authority and trust so you’re ready to sell your offer.

What we do

Our values

We want you to understand the process 

The better content, the more attention

Understanding clients goals and problems is important

Only way to stay in touch with this fast world


What do I do?

My mission is to help service-based businesses, to touch the hearts and minds of their clients through creative marketing.

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content created

Hi! My name is Filip Blaho.
Creative director & lead strategist.

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Listen to your clients and the rest will follow

Why do I do?

I set up my agency to help create long term sustainable society that is based on a strong middle class

How do I do?

I will achieve this with digital marketing and content creation strategies for small service based business

What do I do?

I design and develop websites, SEO, branding, social media and digital content marketing strategies

An award-winning design and development team 🐼

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