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You have your product service project

We will find you your loyal clients

To accomplish this goal

We focus on four strategies

Branding Strategy

To develop what your company is beyond the product itself.

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Website Strategy

We develop a webpage that will turn its visitors into your clients.

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Social Media

To raise awareness of your brand. Build social proof, trust, expertise, authority and authenticity.

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Video Production

Tell a story about your brand and company!

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Branding Strategy

Your company needs to be established as a brand

Brand allows you to connect with your clients through an emotional experience. It is this experience that will create a loyal client. Your brand helps you to emphasize your difference and uniqueness. To appear genuine and trustworthy. To reflect clients values and identities.

  • Target audience research
  • Developing your mission and vision statement
  • Developing brand character and identity
  • Logo and Graphics
  • Writing headlines and CAT (call to action)
  • Developing value proposition
Website Strategy

We develop a website that will turn its visitors into your clients

Your website should create a positive experience and feeling. The design should be intuitive and clear but also eye catching and elegant. Visitors should easily find what they came for. Your website should guide your visitors towards the desired outcome whether it is the call or buy button. Importantly, your website needs to be found online on Google or other search engines.

  • Applying best practices of UX and UI (user experience, user interface)
  • Using latest technology of Bootstrap, JavaScript and React
  • Optimizing your webpage for On-page SEO
  • Optimizing your webpage for Technical SEO
  • Optimizing your webpage for speed
  • Hosting at Siteground. Only hosting provider recommended by wordpress
Social Media Strategy

To raise awareness of your brand. Build social proof, trust, expertise, authority and authenticity

Social media have an enormous reach. Use them to build expertise, authority and authenticity. With proper strategy, you can attract higher quantity and quality followers. These will be a testimonial to your product, brand and company.

  • Defining SMART goals
  • Optimizing your account BIO
  • Developing a content strategy
  • Developing graphics for your content
  • Consistent presence on social media
  • Hashtags strategy
  • Engagement strategies
Video Production

Videos are an extremely effective way to demonstrate your product or a service

Video is central to your outreach and campaign. It will give a more personal feel to any message and allow the viewer to connect with you and your product on an emotional level. Video has really become a must, not just a recommendation.

  • Developing video content strategy
  • Developing a story
  • Video shooting
  • Post production

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