— Filip Blaho | WEB X ONE
Hi, how are you? I’m Filip.
Web Designer SEO Specialist Digital Marketer

I’m here to help you attract clients with digital media.

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You have your product service project

I will find you your online clients

Vision and Value Proposition

What do I believe in?

This is my VISION and my promise to YOU!

WHY does my company exist?

My company exists because I believe that you deserve a fair shot in the online marketplace.

HOW does my company help you access the online marketplace?

I will help your company become an authority and gain your clients’ trust by communicating your expertise through digital media.

WHAT strategies and tactics will I use?

I will accomplish this by developing and executing a digital marketing strategy consisting of a website, search engine optimization, video production, social media and branding strategy.

Value Proposition | Website

For business owners in trades, I build websites that will rank on the first page of Google and convert your visitors to your clients.

Value Proposition | Digital Marketing

For business owners in trades, I develop and execute digital marketing strategies to bring you higher quantity and quality prospects and turn them into loyal clients.

Do you want to convert your leads to loyal clients?

You need to follow these 4 strategies

Give your company a unique identity. Understand what your company is and what it is not. Learn how to shoot great marketing videos. A new modern approach to social networks. Develop a website and SEO to be the hub of your digital marketing.

Website Strategy

I will develop a website that will turn